Bronze China

YanJian, a small village in Henan Province, more than 30% of people live there are involved into the same business - copying and selling ancient bronze pieces. The pieces they made are used to be sold on the antique markets or become the souvenir in the museums and shops. They changed their homes become workshops, build traditional kilns and hire their families and friends. These people build many amazing replicas by limit resource and tools. Also, this business keep young people staying in the village, instead of going to other big cities for earning money to feed their families.

Nowadays, more than 1100 people, two hundred companies are all doing this bronze replica business, but the products they sell are almost the same, replicas.

The "Bronze China" project is the first step of reconfigure this situation, and aim to bring new concepts to this place -originality, creativity, honest and fair trading. In another words, to cooperate with the local craftsmen to create new objects which could fit in our current society, with new form and new meaning.

To communicate with local company and craftsmen, ShiKai Tseng stay in this village for 3 weeks, deeply understand their process – soil sculpting, wax carving, mold making, lost wax casting, welding and antique techniques. He creates “Bronze China” collection in the end, applying or innovate their existing skills on to different objects.

Year 2012
Client Limited Edition
Material  Mirror - Brass, patina / Lamp - Brass, patina, G4 Halogen

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