Eataipei - World Design Capital 2016 Taipei London Exhibition

Eataipei is a series of immersive culinary performances. It took place at Tent London in September 2015, introducing Taipei as the World Design Capital in 2016 through a innovative presentation of food design and selected contemporary Taiwanese design.

Eataipei offered tasting sessions of five dishes curated by designer Shikai Tseng and architect Rain Wu, and created by chef Chung-Ho Tsai, within Tent London's Country Showcases presentation, providing a taster - both literally and metaphorically - of what is to come next year when Taipei holds the honorary title of World Design Capital 2016. In anticipation of this exciting event, Eataipei  will explore "the best kept secret of Asia" during this year's London Design Festival, showing Taipei as a modern city with deep and diverse histories, inspiring natural contrasts, vibrant commerce and spectacular architecture.

The food performance will take place alongside an exhibition That showcases the best contemporary design from Taipei including lighting, ceramics and industrial design from designers such as Pili Wu and KIMU Design Studio. The work displayed will reinforce the narratives from the food and performances reveal the rich design practices from this inspiring metropolis.

Year 2015
Client World Design Capital Taipei 2016 / Taipei City Government
Curation Shikai Tseng / Rain Wu
Food Design Shikai Tseng / Rain Wu / Chungho Tsai (Chef)
Graphic Design Kellenberger White
Film Yuen Hsieh

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