The Door

“The Door” is a conceptual illumination which is developed base on the memory and experience that everyone has.

My exploration led me to focus on the nostalgia and poignant attachment either falsely or experientially embedded in our memories, to the childhood comfort of the light from the gap in the door as an affirmation of our safe slumbers. I found the piece to be very affecting and the reactions of the experiencer’s to draw on the strong felt memory connected to physical sensation.

Alternatively, one may recall a similar but adverse scene—a very dark room.. there is a bit of light seeping through the slit between the door and the frame.. behind the door, there might be a shaking shadow.. you don’t know what it is, what will you see, or who will you meet. There are lots of possibilities: fear and fantasy in the audience’s mind.

Year 2009
Client Prototype
Dimension W 95cm H 210cm T 12cm
Material Door, Wood, T5 Light Tube, Switch, Acrylic

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